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What is Offset Smoker

Offset smoker

How offset smokers work?

A balance smoker comprises of a huge chamber wherein the nourishment is cooked and a littler firebox where you consume wood as well as charcoal, which is generally joined beneath and to the side or back of the cooking region. Consequently the name "counterbalance." 

The fire worked in the balance firebox makes warmth and smoke, which seasons the nourishment and cooks it utilizing backhanded warmth.

To control the degree of smoke and warmth in the focal chamber, counterbalance smokers have a smokestack, for the most part, appended at the furthest edge to the firebox, and a vent on the firebox.

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The vent and smokestack can be opened or shut to control the climate in the cooking chamber. 

The primary council of a counterbalance smoker frequently resembles an oil drum, since that is the thing that they were at first produced using. 

Truth be told, the notable Pitt's and Spitt's image got their beginning changing over unused oil drums into counterbalance smokers and barbecues.

Who should purchase a counterbalance smoker?

Owning an enormous balance smoker is each pitmaster's fantasy. 

They are the notable picture of a conventional smoker, they have the volume for you to give smoked meat to the whole neighborhood, and they look so damn cool. 

Be that as it may, similar to any bit of cooking hardware, you need a smoker that matches your needs and, as cool as they may be, balance smokers aren't without their disadvantages. 

Along these lines, to assist you with choosing if putting resources into a balance smoker is the correct decision for you, here are the principle upsides and downsides of utilizing one:

The enormous focal cooking chamber makes counterbalance smokers perfect for preparing a lot of nourishment. 

Since the firebox isn't a piece of the cooking chamber, you can open it up and include more fuel without giving the warmth and smoke a chance to evade during the procedure. 

In spite of being called stick burners, counterbalance smokers work best when fuelled with a mix of wood and charcoal. Cooking with a blend of wood and charcoal is far less fiddly than cooking with all wood, creating a smoky flavor without the danger of overabundance debris, ash, or creosote destroying the meat. 

A few models accompany a flame broil grind fitted over the firebox, giving you a two-in-one direct barbecuing and smoking alternative. 


Counterbalance smokers are not lightweight or versatile. They can gauge several pounds and, while moving them isn't unimaginable, it is unrealistic, particularly on the off chance that you are attempting to do it all alone. 

They are additionally customarily enormous, so in the event that you don't have a great deal of open air space to store and utilize one, you may be best deciding on a progressively smaller smoker. 

Cooking on a balance smoker is anything but a snappy procedure. They can take as long as an hour to preheat, and they are just fit to the low and moderate style of smoking. 

You have to mull over the atmosphere. Balance smokers do no capacity at their best in freezing atmospheres, and their exhibition can likewise endure in high breezes and overwhelming precipitation except if you settle on the most costly, well-manufactured models. 

Getting the best outcomes from your counterbalance smoker implies practice and tolerance. One reason they request to pitmasters is that getting the ideal smoke in a balance smoker is a touch of a work of art. 

At the point when they function admirably, they work well indeed, however, you'll need to endeavor to get the best from one.

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